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Reliable Website Hosting For Online Business PLUS A Whole Lot More!

Once your website is up and running you should to be able to sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that it’s doing the job it was designed for. Our Best Website Hosting Package is specifically designed to keep your online business up and running 24/7/365

web-hosting-servergauk Media is run by entrepreneurs that OWN and maintain Web businesses. Some site have been operating profitably and reliably for over TEN years.

You won’t find our websites sitting on an old IBM server in the corner of a back office … and if you’re serious about yours then our best advice is to benefit from our vast experience and copy our model.

All our websites are hosted on dedicated servers at state-of-the-art data center facilities. With 100,000 servers under their management, our hosting company is the largest privately held Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider in the world, with 25,000 leading-edge customers ranging from technology startups to global enterprises.

With data centers in the US, Singapore and Amsterdam and worldwide network Points of Presence, gauk Media hosting provides US Hosting, European Hosting and Asia-Pacific Hosting for a truly global solution.

Built on a global cloud infrastructure at Internet scale. With dedicated servers and cloud servers integrated in a seamless, fully-automated platform and with data centers and network points of presence worldwide all connected by a high-speed private network your cloud is available when and where you want it.

So your Web Business is not only safe, it’s reliable, fast and secure. We back up the data every single day via ‘Raid’ to separate hard drives and in the unlikely event of Earthquakes and Tsunamis a copy is also backed up off site. As your website grows the hosting services can grow with you ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.

And it gets better still!

We employ full-time, dedicated server technicians to run our own Web businesses and as part of your Best Website Hosting Package they are made available to ensure any issues on clients’ servers are dealt with immediately and efficiently.

Our proprietary ‘Server Watch’ software monitors every aspect of the servers  from speed, load, visitors, hackers and a myriad of other potential threats … if there’s the slightest hint of a problem alarms go off everywhere and emails are instantly sent to several destinations.

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